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My Complaint was received

Gerald Berry

Program Manager


814 Greenbrier Circle, Suite U

Chesapeake, VA 23320

Dear Mr. Berry,

I would like to letter/email to be considered as a formal complaint against the workers of my DCSE case, case number XXXXXXXXX, which started in the Chesapeake office in later 96 or early 97. Since that time the personnel of the local Chesapeake office, have leak personal information to my ex-wife. The personal information I’m referring to is personal phone numbers, work history, and more recently a personal legal matter in North Carolina.

Here are list of complaints.

1. Not replying to letters of request of information (payments, arrears statements) in a timely matter. Often have to include “I would like said info with 10 days, or I will contact Richmond.”

2. The release of my phone numbers to my ex-wife on several occasions (my personal home number, my cell, and my family numbers as well.) there is a collation with my release of my number to DCSE and falsified phone harassment charges brought by my ex-wife within days of DCSE receiving my new contact number, which in most were not my personal home number.

3. Closing of my case without notification to such closure, and then reopening of case with an out-of-court order. (The order could be validated with a phone to the courts, to see if it was still valid.) At this time the courts ordered no support at all. Yet, Ms Theil tried to reopen this case by using a court order dated 12/1/97, that order was replace with a new one on 6/05/02, which was before the one dated 3/21/03 which cut off support. On or about the 11th of September of 2003 Ms Theil sent me a letter stating that “the payee named in your support order, pursuant to the VA Code below has changed. The change apples only to the specific support order identified above JA_045887, (leaving out which order it was, the last one order before this letter was JA-045887-09-07) that I was to submitted payment immediately to the State Treasurer. I phone Ms Theil after receiving the letter, I informed her that I have a recent order stating no support, she inform me that’s not what she had, that she had the order that stated I was to pay $311/m. Since we could agree over to the phone, I paid her a visit at the Chesapeake office with a few days. I showed her the order and she told me that this stop all actions by them till a new order is entered.

a. Then on 5/05/04 Ms Theil replied to my request for information and stated “ Attached is a payment history, per your request. In addition the advance notice of lien that was sent to you in February was sent to cover the full amount of your arrears not previously covered. I was never sent any advance notice of a lien in February or with the letter date 5/05/04. I sent another request for a copy of this lien on July 21, receive by DCSE on Jul 26. And was told I would have to get a copy from the courts, was on letter dated 7/29/04 in someone’s handwriting. (Note that I don’t live in VA)

4. Ms Theil rudeness with a employer, I wrote the department had gave them my new employer address, but nothing was sent to them, I called her and ask why she got very rude on the phone, I gave her the info once again, she ask for the home office which I didn’t know so I gave her my work number and my manger name. I was informed by my manger that Ms Theil was very rude with her and implied that she was covering for me. I tried to work two jobs and once I got hired by another employer I call in with that information and told her to send a withholding order and I would allow it, to help with my arrearages. So time later I left the first job because the second job wanted me full time. Both Jobs had withholding ordering place, in May Ms Theil sent me a notice to called her because she receive notice that I was no longer at job one. I call her and told her that my other employer info was already on file, she informed me it wasn’t then shortly later confirm the information on my other employer. (I can only guess she wasn’t reading her computer screen)

5. On March 3rd I received a letter from Ms Steward asking for me to contact her. I did so, she want to know about my new employer. I refuse to give her this info since my support was being paid each month on time and a very large amount. She informed me of the VA law requiring me to give her this info. I informed her that I don’t live in VA and she couldn’t force me to give her the info. And as long as the payments was being paid to leave me alone. Then in May she contacted me once again about my payments. At this time my payments where be paid by Cigna each month, Cigna sent out the payment about the 28th of each month, so it can arrive before the 3rd. In March the check for April arrive early to the Treasurer office, so it was posted in March and not April. She wanted to know why no payment was made in April. I try to explain to her the way Cigna pays this support. Under the court order that Cigna has to follow I must receive the payment from my mother death on or before the 3rd each month, it is noted on the check that the check can’t be cash before the third of each month. I told her that the Treasurer got the April check at the end of March, and I don’t control when the State Deposits the check. She informs me that’s not the way Cigna payments out to people. I informed her that it was on my case and since Cigna has been sending this check more than 15 years to my family I knew more about it then she would ever know about.

6. In letter dated 10/05/06 Ms Stewards state she have no way to speak with me and to call her, I did and gave her my sister’s number, which later a family member of my ex-wife called me. My sister’s number is not published and is block form callers id boxes. That exchange wasn’t nice.

7. In May of 2007 I enter in a contact sell of my benefits from my mother’s death, at the time I owed about 1700 in back support, at this time my benefits were no longer being taken by DCSE, I borrowed enough money to pay off this arrears so everything would go as plan. Ms Steward filed a new withholding order to stop this sell. I was later asked about this sell from another of my ex-wife family later in an email from them. This is the only family member that lets me know how my son is doing. How else would she know I was selling this income? The sell did go through on a later date.

8. Now some time in September My ex-wife closed or has tried to close the case. Now my court order said that I’m to pay through the DCSE, no other way is allow if done so then those payments are gifts and won’t be counted.

9. Ms Steward sent a withdraw notice to Cigna but informs then a new one will be coming soon. In October, November, December I receive my payments that Cigna made on my behalf back to me from DCSE. I call Cigna and ask if they have received the order to stop payments to DCSE they confirm this and told me that Ms Steward told then that a new withholding order would be sent soon as it was signed. My last court date was in 2005. This is not an administrative order through DCSE it is a Court Order Child Support. DCSE and the Courts have my current address on file since 2002, yet, in some cases my notices from DCSE are sent to an address in VA (a family address, which they forward the mail to when this happen). When I call DCSE through the new phone center and ask for my case worker to call me ASAP. I received a call from Ms Steward I ask why she allowed this case to be close, she told me it’s wasn’t her call, that my ex didn’t want their services. Then I ask Ms Steward about the withdrawal order for Cigna and what she told them. She told me that she never told Cigna that. Fine, but why would Cigna Lie to me.

10. I request a copy of the withdrawal letter, she informed me that this information would be sent out on Tuesday because the holiday on Monday. (this was at the end of January) I received the said papers in February about two weeks later.

Thank you for your time on this matter.

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  1. mypage Says:

    Please share on your page, maybe someone you know has experienced injustice.

    I am so thankful I have never had any custody issues with my ex; unfortunately everyone is not so lucky.

    After years of hearing horror stories about DCSE, I have decided to do something about these injustices. I am putting together a book of factual stories to send to Senators, Congressmen, our Governor, and anyone else who continues to allow these injustices to keep happening. The goal is to make DCSE and other lawmakers account for their actions.

    Please ONLY send TRUE and FACTUAL stories; I don’t want embellishments, just the facts. Please provide the county or city you reside, true facts of the case and age of child.

    Send your stories to me at

    Thank you