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Virginia Division of Child Support Enforcement (DCSE) corruption

Gretchen Irene Scalf (nee Rust) is the ex-wife of Daniel Bruce Scalf. In front of witnesses she vowed to destroy him, detailing how she would accomplish this. She would destroy him financially, his career, his relationship with his children and his reputation. She committed perjury when she denied she ever declared this. There were plenty of witnesses to the contrary.

She was caught lying several times and the Commonwealth Attorney (of Virginia) will not prosecute her. She was caught lying about having a venereal disease. She denied it although she had been hospitalized with systemic gonorrhea. She also found out as part of her post-menapausal check-up that she has pre-cancerous squamous cell development. This necessarily means that she has been promiscuous since this syndrome is derived from multiple infestations of different varieties of the human papaloma virus.

She also lied about her relationship with Floyd White, her paramour. There is plenty of documentation of him staying overnight for over 18 months. Mr. Scalf lost his job in February 2000 and filed an abatement of spousal support. Gretchen filed a false affidavit with the Virginia Division of Child Support Enforcement (DCSE), which was pointed out to them. After it was proven to DCSE that she had lied, they did nothing to her and pursued alimony collection, garnishing half Mr. Scalf's wages starting December 2000. Now they have confiscated his bank account. This has been done despite the fact that he has been waiting and has been stalled for 18 months. He filed an appeal through an attorney, which DCSE has yet to recognize so they can continue their gestapo tactics, headed by caseworker Kimberly L. Siock-Cubbage, (800) 462-0983. This is not about fairness, but about torture and retribution. Why was there no punishment of the plaintiff for lying? It took Mr. Scalf several hours (at least 34 hrs.) on the phone and writing letters and faxes to straighten out her lies.

Additionally, the plaintiff has effectively destroyed Mr. Scalf's relationship with his children. There is no price that one can put on this. Gretchen was found in contempt of court on three specific occasions for interfering with Mr. Scalf's visitation with his children. Furthermore, she was warned several other times. The last time she was fined $500, which she has not yet paid.

To top it off, she has not turned over items from the divorce, not paid for half of the Survivor's Benefit Program, as per the court order (Mr. Scalf is a retired Army officer), and has not returned the overpayment of his pension pursuant to a disability payment. She also stuck Mr. Scalf with her Home Owner's Association payment, for which she was to be liable, according to court documents. This happened because the court had pity on her, gave her the house and made Mr. Scalf keep his name on the mortgage. So, the HOA came after Mr. Scalf. The total owed, plus amortized interest at the judgement rate is $11,759. Her comment to Mr. Scalf was that he will have to take her to court to get it (the money) which means more money for an attorney she knows Mr. Scalf doesn't have.

More to come: Gretchen's Psychological Profile and her conspiracy with John Thornock, General Counsel, DIA to take Mr. Scalf's property and to accuse him of espionage.

Please help him get his money back.

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